Fantastic, Heartfelt Book


This story carries a lot of emotion as the reader. The horror of the abduction of his daughter. The dedication and love as he fights for custody and visiting privileges. There is so much turmoil in the daughters and father's lives that was totally unnecessary.
The story is one of love between a father and daughter. No matter the struggle, the father continued to battle everything to get his child back to the life she loved. A vindictive mother, that didn't want Jessie in the first place, and abducted her just to spite the father, lies her way through the court proceedings. She causes havoc every step of the way, not taking the child into consideration.
The story is beautifully written. It gives the reader the ability to feel what is happening. It shows the court system as it was. It depicted the reality of what happened through the entire story.
The writer was a true gentleman in the way he didn't bash Casey. He told the true story of what occurred in a kind manner. He showed his intense love for his child and did what a good father should do!
I recommend this book to everyone. It's in my top 5 reads.


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