Another Amazing Erotic Vampire

After Death Sets Us Free: The Death Chronicles: Book Two
By James Fuller

I couldn't wait to read this book after finishing Book 1.  The story continues,  a few years after the first ends. The story line develops a new path, more characters as well as keeping Conner, Kelsey, William, and Icarus. William, now a vampire himself and Icarus the Warlock have become friends, or have they? Conner's mission is to hunt William down while seeking out the pendant that could turn him back.

The author makes you feel the fear, love and passion in the story. Everything is excellently described that you can envision what is happening.  The deep erotic passion is so well-depicted you feel the tingles yourself. 

The book brings your senses alive. There are so many emotions when reading.  It is brimming with fear, shock, sadness, and love. It leads you to unknown places as the author steers you down a winding road with unexpected events at every turn.

If you enjoy fantasy, vampires, erotica, and surprises, this book is for you. Before reading this, read  Until Death Do Us:  The Death Chronicles Book 1 first.

This series was written by a man, proving a male can write these stories. It is totally different from any Erotica story I have read. It is filled with exciting events as well as sex.  By far, this is the BEST books I have read in this genre. You won't be disappointed. 


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