The man who writes amazing Erotica

Until Death Do Us Part: The Death Chronicles: Book One    by James Fuller @AuthorJFuller

This was my first Erotica book I have read that was written by a man, and was a little skeptical. It turned out to be the BEST Erotic story I have ever seen. It was by far different from any book in this genre.  The authors perspective was nothing short of fabulous.

It had a jaw- dropping story line that went along with the stunning sex. It flowed together and left behind so many emotions. It was so action packed and so well-detailed that I felt like I was watching the story unfold in front of me.

Connor was a Vampire Hunter in search of a specific Vampire that caused horrific trauma to his life and family. He suffered flashbacks that caused him to go beyond his limits. The descriptions of the erotic parts of the book were full of passion and will leave you a little short of breath.

His brother William, a sweetheart of a man, suffered an illness that Connor was forced to make deals with a Warlock to ease his brothers pain.

The female characters are all unique and add so much to the story, with some bizarre and exciting twists.
The book gav
e me everything I could want, a good story line, characters with a different purpose,  hot passion that doesn't go overboard, great detail and the want to continue reading.

This is the first book from a series of 3. I recommend this book to all erotica readers, both male and female. It showed me that a MALE can write the ultimate Erotic story.

James Fuller specializes in the dark, gritty, anti-heroes, in-depth story telling and surprise endings. He writes in other genres as well as Erotic. A wonderful, Canadian writer that can keep you entertained with his many
books. You can find his books at  


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