A Story to satisfy your thirst for suspense, fantasy and erotic vampires.

When Death Gives Us Hope: The Death Chronicles: Book Three

The Author is brilliant in this 3 book Erotica series.  This book continues after the death of Conners brother William, whose life was taken by a Vampire that was brought back to life after Centuries of entombment.  Conner is determined to destroy him and get his revenge for Williams demise.

The mystery of the story deepens with every turn of the page. There is the addition of new characters, who play a vital part of the story. It  leaves you at the edge of your seat, waiting for the next twist in this jaw-dropping story.  You can never guess what will happen next because you will be wrong. 

This isn't the typical Erotica story of constant sex, it is a story like no other that gently leads you to the erotic encounters that are very well-written, while satisfying your curiosity of the story line.   It's phenomenal to see a male author with such imaginative skill writing this magnificent creation of adventure, sex, and fantasy. 


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