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Image With all the scammers on Social Media you need to keep yourself safe. The link if for a woman that started scamhaters.united. They help you to learn about scams and will help to get rid of them.  You can find them on Facebook and Instagram. Thin about this, if you have someone message you out of the blue, they are more than likely a scammer. If they are in the Army, a Doctor, On an oilrig, Contracter, and so many professions, they are a scammer.  They claim to fall in love with you, they will ask for money, they will tell you an entire sob story. THEY ARE A SCAMMER!  Please don't talk to them or play a game with them. Report them to scamhaters.united. There is an article on my blog about Internet Romance Scams, read it and think about it. Scamhaters.united is a wonderful site to help you stay safe.                                                 You think you are talking to this man?