With all the scammers on Social Media you need to keep yourself safe. The link if for a woman that started scamhaters.united. They help you to learn about scams and will help to get rid of them.  You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Thin about this, if you have someone message you out of the blue, they are more than likely a scammer. If they are in the Army, a Doctor, On an oilrig, Contracter, and so many professions, they are a scammer.  They claim to fall in love with you, they will ask for money, they will tell you an entire sob story. THEY ARE A SCAMMER!  Please don't talk to them or play a game with them. Report them to scamhaters.united.

There is an article on my blog about Internet Romance Scams, read it and think about it. Scamhaters.united is a wonderful site to help you stay safe.

                                                You think you are talking to this man?


A Story to satisfy your thirst for suspense, fantasy and erotic vampires.

When Death Gives Us Hope: The Death Chronicles: Book Three

The Author is brilliant in this 3 book Erotica series.  This book continues after the death of Conners brother William, whose life was taken by a Vampire that was brought back to life after Centuries of entombment.  Conner is determined to destroy him and get his revenge for Williams demise.

The mystery of the story deepens with every turn of the page. There is the addition of new characters, who play a vital part of the story. It  leaves you at the edge of your seat, waiting for the next twist in this jaw-dropping story.  You can never guess what will happen next because you will be wrong. 

This isn't the typical Erotica story of constant sex, it is a story like no other that gently leads you to the erotic encounters that are very well-written, while satisfying your curiosity of the story line.   It's phenomenal to see a male author with such imaginative skill writing this magnificent creation of adventure, sex, and f…

Another Amazing Erotic Vampire

After Death Sets Us Free: The Death Chronicles: Book Two
By James Fuller

I couldn't wait to read this book after finishing Book 1.  The story continues,  a few years after the first ends. The story line develops a new path, more characters as well as keeping Conner, Kelsey, William, and Icarus. William, now a vampire himself and Icarus the Warlock have become friends, or have they? Conner's mission is to hunt William down while seeking out the pendant that could turn him back.

The author makes you feel the fear, love and passion in the story. Everything is excellently described that you can envision what is happening.  The deep erotic passion is so well-depicted you feel the tingles yourself. 

The book brings your senses alive. There are so many emotions when reading.  It is brimming with fear, shock, sadness, and love. It leads you to unknown places as the author steers you down a winding road with unexpected events at every turn.

If you enjoy fantasy, vampires, erotica, and …

The man who writes amazing Erotica

Until Death Do Us Part: The Death Chronicles: Book One    by James Fuller @AuthorJFuller

Brother Love

I wrote this story when I was in Grade 8. I got an F on it saying it was too unbelievable.  I used the same story for a grade 11 English Class and got an A.  It shows you that you should never be discouraged by others. I quit writing for awhile thinking I couldn't write, only to become a Children's writer.

Brother Love

Tom enjoyed the warmth of the sun's rays beaming down on his plump, rosy cheeks. He walked homeward, arms laden with party stuff for his younger brother's birthday.
Today was a Saturday in mid July. The Thunder bay area was experiencing an extreme heat wave. Not unusual for this time of summer.

"This day should be for fishing like every summer, Saturday was," Tom thought regretfully. 94 F. outside, the sun begging him to enjoy the day. Instead, his fate would be care taking twelve screaming, bratty kids.

When he arrived home, his feet were hurting him from the hot pavement. "If I had gone fishing today, I could have fried the fish right on…

How to Choose a Flight School / Takeoff, The Critical Phase

Some of you know I love flying. I want to share a video and article from a pilot I follow. My favourite plane happens to be the A320 and #pilotamireh flew that plane.  He has since switched to the A350 but he has a lot of interesting videos and articles on YouTube as well as HIS site  Here is one that was done this week. Check him out if you are interested in Aviation.
If you are wanting to become a pilot #pilotamireh  Has a lot of information. He can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube as well as his own site

COVID-19 VS. Flying

What was once a daily practice, had suddenly come to a screeching halt.  Transportation by air is the major form, to be able to get from one place to another. It's the fasted mode as well as one of the safest. Everyday 10,000's of people across the world, boarded a plane, sat back and let the pilots and cabin crew take them to their destination. That was before The Corona Virus of 2020.

Within a few days most airplanes were grounded. Parked at the airport, unmoving. Returning flights would be the final trips until a Pandemic subsided and allowed life to go back to normal.
What will happen with the air traffic industry after being crippled by COVID-19? As planes are grounded there is a huge loss for the companies financial reserves and it will be difficult to bounce back.

In order to minimize the fallout, Pilots, all cabin crew, ground crew, radio controllers, and everyone needed in flight are jobless.  Some companies have covered wages, others not. It's a catastrophe litte…