Let Loose At The Pharmacy

I  had been ill for awhile and decided it was time to see a Doctor. (I am a stubborn Norwegian that refuses to admit they are sick; once you admit it, then it becomes true). I had pneumonia and bronchitis, and was given a percription for medications. I  hopped onto city bus to the pharmacy that was closest to my house. While on the bus, I started coughing and felt like puking, but I kept swallowing to try to stop that from happening. Another coughing attack hit me, suddening I threw up, splattering the young man sitting in front of me. Everyone staring. The young guy was shocked. Thank God I had my stop coming up, apologized to the guy, stepped off of the bus, twisted my ankle and fell down into the gutter. The bus left me lying in the slushy, muddy snow to fend for myself.
 I pulled myself up, I was already muddy, wet and looked like death. I go to the pharmacy and wait my turn. Finally, I am at the counter and I start coughing again. This time it was worse than ever. I'm sweatin…

The Day I Shit on my Son, Literally!

I want to spend the next little while telling you a few stories about stupid things that happened in my life as well as other stories. Let me know what you think. Everything is TRUE. Embarrassing yes, but I see the funny side of life. Enjoy the stories.

My son, my poor son, last year I was in the basement talking to him. We had been arguing about something. The basement was FULL as we were packing stuff up to renovate. I squeezed into his room and found a low chair to sit on. I Started getting stomach cramps and figured I need to go to the bathroom. I hesitated a few minutes, trying to settle things down.
I struggled to get up from the chair and he had to come pull me up, farting the entire time. Oh, the stench! Making my way out of the room to the stairs , finally making it through the maze and up the first step.
I was ill and my back was out making it hard for me to go up the steps. He goes behind me and starts pushing my ass up the stairs.
Suddenly I got the shits, its squirting ou…

Internet Romance Scams and How To Protect Yourself

Social Media is a scary thing today, you make your account, planning on networking with people who are interested in the same thing,  advertising a product or business, promoting yourself for a skill, connecting with old friends and relatives. There are so many reasons for signing up to one media site or another.
The problem is, there are too many people on these sites who are only on there to harm you. You need to know what is happening before you start connecting with these people and be aware!
I am a writer and joined Twitter just to talk to my piers and learn from the knowledge they have within the writing community. They are excellent  people and always willing to help a fellow writer.  We communicate on the site and it seems to be an unwritten rule that we don't DM (direct message) each other without asking or informing them. We encourage each other, lift each others spirits and give help and advice when needed.
Not everything is about writing, there are interesting question…

Fantastic, Heartfelt Book



This story carries a lot of emotion as the reader. The horror of the abduction of his daughter. The dedication and love as he fights for custody and visiting privileges. There is so much turmoil in the daughters and father's lives that was totally unnecessary.
The story is one of love between a father and daughter. No matter the struggle, the father continued to battle everything to get his child back to the life she loved. A vindictive mother, that didn't want Jessie in the first place, and abducted her just to spite the father, lies her way through the court proceedings. She causes havoc every step of the way, not taking the child into consideration.
The story is beautifully written. It gives the reader the ability to feel what is happening. It shows the court system as it was. It depicted the reality of what happened through the entire story.
The writer was a true gentleman in the way he didn't b…

So many thoughts

My mind is always full of thoughts that I want to write about. I have stories started, but as soon as I really get into the story another topic pops up. Besides writing another  Cardigan story, I kept thinking of my hamsters. Now I have to try and get all 5 hamsters into 1 story.  That should be interesting because every one of them had their own personalities.

A friend of mine decided to start writing a book. She said if I can do it, so can she. I encourage her and everyone else, if you have a story to tell. You never know, you might write a best seller

National Coming Out Day

IT'S time to celebrate the bravery of those who have come out as members of the LGBTQ community, and those who are waiting for the time that's right for them. No matter what your coming out journey is—I stand with you.

It is a wonderful thing when the stigma of being LGBTQ is no longer taboo. They have many freedoms that they can enjoy now. They can be open about who they love. I am proud of everyone who can just be who they are!

Published in a magazine

It's out! Last month I was asked to do an interview with a magazine in NW Ontario. It is available from the Manitoba border to Sudbury. I was thrilled to see my book in the October issue of  The Walleye. Here is the article.