You Wanted the BAG!

 One afternoon while I was at work I had to call my Mom to ask her to go to the pharmacy and pick me up some cough medicine. The store was right beside her so she agreed and I would go to her place after work.

The pharmacist was a miserable man and insisted she get a certain type because I was a bigger girl and needed a stronger kind. 

I went to her place to pick up the medicine and noticed it was the same brand I wanted but, it had an ingredient I was allergic to and would have to exchange it.

I took the bottle and receipt and went to the same pharmacist she bought it from. I explained my situation about not being able to use one of the ingredients.  I gave him the receipt, he knew who my Mom was so there was no question it was bought from there.

He saw the package was not tampered with, the receipt was from there and he refused because I didn't have the bag. 

I was not in a good mood by then, grabbed my stuff and went to my Mom's to see if she had the bag. She did but it was dirty. I didn't care, he was going to get his damn bag.  I went back again, gave him the medication, the receipt and the balled up paper BAG. He picks it up and out comes the guts, blood and skin from a raw chicken. PLOP, right on the counter, splattering him as well.  

I swear I saw flames coming out of his flaring nostrils and red ears.  As he looks at me, grinning from ear to ear, all I could say was, "You wanted the BAG, you got the BAG, now change the cough syrup that you insisted my Mom get for the BIG GIRL!" 

Another pharmacist came over and quickly made the exchange. I was calm, people gathered and I told BRYAN  to clean up the blood and guts and  enjoy his chicken skins as I walked away. He refused to serve me again, guess he was too chicken to mess with this chick again!


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