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COVID-19 Safeguards explained Here is a video of the COVID-19. AN American man from Ohio describes how it is and what he had to do to stay alive. This was a write up that was send to another Hospital by or to a Doctor Negrin I hope it keeps you safe. The Chinese now understand the behaviour of the Covid 19 virus thanks to the autopsies carried out This virus is characterized by obstructing respiratory pathways with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks the airways and lungs. They have discovered that In order to administer medicine you have to open and unblock the airways so the treatment can be used to take effect. However all of this takes a number of days. The recommendations for what you can do to safeguard yourself are: #1 drink lots of hot liquids, coffee, soups, teas, warm water . In addition take a sip of warm water every 20 minutes because this keeps your mouth moist and washes any virus that enters into your mouth and washes it into your stomach w

Is That A Problem?

As a teen, I loved going to stay at my Aunt and Uncle's house out in the country. They had a small farm with cows, chickens and a horse.  My parents took a camper that was attached to our truck out for the summer and parked it on their property. It was someplace to stay while we spent the weekend fishing. I decided I was going to take a friend and have my brother drive us out for the week. I'd help my Aunt milk the cows and collect the eggs and then have fun with my friend Judy. We loved singing and dancing , planning to be entertainers when we grew up. She was the better singer; I was the dancer, we did both. The problem was, we would dance in the camper. We were both big girls, but she was a lot bigger than me. The pounding of us jumping on the floor was not ideal as it  was only  held up with blocks on each corner. It was not the best thing to do. One day during one of  our routines, we hear a loud bang.  I jumped off the camper, while Judy makes her way outside. I turne

Elephant Ears and the Cancer Battle

Another entry from my Cancer Battle Today I figured out the burn and the intense itch is  not just coming from the radiation irritation but also from the Chemo drug I am receiving. This drug, Cisplatin  causes irritation to any skin it touches. They have to hydrate me really well before I get the actual drug and then follow it with a diuretic to flush it out. I noticed after I start peeing and flushing it out, the clitoris and area swells up. It feels like I am walking with a marble between my legs. I wanted to know what was happening so, I got out the mirror, squatted down so I could see everything and my jaw dropped. It looks like I have a flashlight bulb peeking out of a red inflamed blob. I look a little further and the area from there to the anus is dark red almost a black looking streak with these little hemorrhoids peeking out mocking me. They still are sore from the laxatives I have to take and try to torment me. I see the scariest thing, hanging from my vagina are two