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Mom's Haunted House

  Mom's Haunted House Back in the 1950's my Mom, Wilma decided to stop working as a cookee in the bush camps to raise her children. She moved to town, rented a house and decided to start taking in people for room and board. She knew two young policemen who were wanting to rent two of the bedrooms. Another woman took the third room. There were little problems with room 1 the door would open, even when locked. Windows would slam shut, smells of aftershave  would waft through the air. An occasional cool breeze would pass by without a window being open. One policeman, John, took that room as his own. The second week he started feeling like someone was watching him. He was blaming his cop friend that he did something to the room to prank him. He denied doing anything. A couple of night later the cop was startled by a noise. He opened his eyes and standing at the foot of the bed was a man dressed in a black suit. John, yelled for the man to get out. He disappeared. John thought he wa