Mom's Haunted House


Mom's Haunted House

Back in the 1950's my Mom, Wilma decided to stop working as a cookee in the bush camps to raise her children. She moved to town, rented a house and decided to start taking in people for room and board. She knew two young policemen who were wanting to rent two of the bedrooms. Another woman took the third room.

There were little problems with room 1 the door would open, even when locked. Windows would slam shut, smells of aftershave  would waft through the air. An occasional cool breeze would pass by without a window being open.

One policeman, John, took that room as his own. The second week he started feeling like someone was watching him. He was blaming his cop friend that he did something to the room to prank him. He denied doing anything.

A couple of night later the cop was startled by a noise. He opened his eyes and standing at the foot of the bed was a man dressed in a black suit. John, yelled for the man to get out. He disappeared. John thought he was just dreaming and went back to sleep.

The next morning at breakfast, he told the other cop, Jack what had happened last night. Jack told him he drank too much and was hullucinating. 

That night again he woke to see the same man standing at the foot of the bed. He got up, went to the closet and got a shot gun and took it to bed with him. 

"Saw that guy at my bed again," John announced to Jack.

" Better lay of the sauce you are gonna get the snakes." Jack replied. The snakes was the term used when seeing things that weren't there when intoxicated. It came from alcoholics seeing snakes, worns, bugs crawling all over them.

John was angry with his partner and asked him to switch rooms with him. Jack agreed to move everything over on Saturday. Until then John would have to sleep in his room. Night after night, the man would appear. One night he loaded his shotgun and shot at the man. Nothing happened except he put a hole through the wall.

The next morning was Saturday, right after breakfast John and Jack started switching rooms. Everyone was angry at John for shooting a gun in the house.

"Are you crazy? What if someone was walking bythe room and you killed them?" Jack yelled. 

"You have to quit all the drinking and get that gun out of my house if you want to stay here!" Wilma was shaking with anger. She had two young sons in the house."What if they found it?"

John was embarrassed and took his gun locking it up at the station.

The rooms were switched quickly. Later that night when in bed John was jittery thinking about the man in the suit and Jack. Would he see the same thing?

Jack was already sitting at the breakfast table talking and laughing with Wilma and the female tenant. Seeing John approaching. he was anxious to hear if he saw anyone.

"Anyone in your room last night?" Jack tried to hold a giggle.

"NO!" Did you?" questioned John.

" Not a thing, slept like a baby. There were no monsters under the bed or closet. Nothing went BOO in the night." Jack was laughing. "Guess the snakes got you afterall."

"Go to Hell!" John yelled back. "I'm going to work!"

The were two more restful nights before the man showed up at Jack's bedside. He was terrified and told him to get out. The man stood for a couple minutes and left. This continued for two more nights.

"Wilma, there is something in that room I am going to have to move out."

The lady tennant, Viola spoke up, " You don't have to leave, I will switch rooms with you."

Jack would be happy to switch rooms as he loved living with Wilma. She was a good friend.

" I can do it today", an excited Viola announced.

She quickly went upstair to pack her room and piled them in Jacks room. She then proceeded to pack Jack's things and bring them to her old room.

By the time Jack was home from work, his room had been arranged and ready for him. Viola occupied his old room.

All was quiet in the house that night. 

The next day Viola started baking a cake, beautifully decorated with Chocolate frosting and topped with red candy roses. It sat on the counter waiting. The policemen were drooling, wanting a piece. Viola told them "No that if for my guest tonight!"

Wilma didn't know she was having someone over. The cops did't care but as the evening came no one showed up. The policemen went to bed, Viola went to the kitchen to make tea.

Wilma was sitting at the table with her coffee and cigarette in her hand. She watched Viola set out a tray with two cups and saucers, plates, sugar and cream, the filled tea pot and her cake. She hummed as she went upstairs to her room, closing the door behind her.

Wilma thought to herself, she didn't see anyone come over. She went upstairs and could hear talking and laughter. I guess she did have company over.

The next morning Viola comes downstairs, arms laden with the tray and remainder of the cake. Both cups and plates were used, 1/4 of the cake was eaten. She smiled, put the cake on the table in from of John and Jack "Now you can eat the cake!"

She went to the sink and started washing her dishes humming the entire time. "Today I will bake an apple pie."

This continued for a couple weeks, everynight Viola said she had a guest. Every night she brought a tray with tea and baking. Every morning the food and drinks had been consumed and brought back downstairs.

Wilma was curious and questioned Viola. "Who is coming to visit you everynight? I hear talking, you are always baking and bringing a tray up and it's coming down used. We never see anyone coming in the house."

"There is a gentleman in a black suit who visits me everynight- He stands by my bed. I invited him to have tea and cakes with me and then he leaves. He's been coming everynight."

Wilma looked at John and Jack, they were as white as a sheet. Wilma had to find out about the house. She went to the neighbours who had been living there for many years. She explained what was happening.

"Oh, that sounds like Heikki, he was a nice man, very quiet. He died 4 years ago. The poor wife found him hanging in his bedroom."

"Do you have a picture of him?"

"Yes, from his Obituary, I'll get it."

Wilma looked at the photo, asking to borrow it. She showed it to the policemen during dinner. Each one of them said, "That's the man at the foot of the bed." 

Wilma showed Viola, she became excited, " Oh yes, this is Heikki, he comes every night." 

Everything clicked, that room was haunted by a Spirit of a man named Heikki! They all continued to live in that house for another year. Heikki continued to visit Viola every evening having tea and cakes.


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