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COVID-19 VS. Flying

What was once a daily practice, had suddenly come to a screeching halt.  Transportation by air is the major form, to be able to get from one place to another. It's the fasted mode as well as one of the safest. Everyday 10,000's of people across the world, boarded a plane, sat back and let the pilots and cabin crew take them to their destination. That was before The Corona Virus of 2020. Within a few days most airplanes were grounded. Parked at the airport, unmoving. Returning flights would be the final trips until a Pandemic subsided and allowed life to go back to normal. What will happen with the air traffic industry after being crippled by COVID-19? As planes are grounded there is a huge loss for the companies financial reserves and it will be difficult to bounce back. In order to minimize the fallout, Pilots, all cabin crew, ground crew, radio controllers, and everyone needed in flight are jobless.  Some companies have covered wages, others not. It's a catastrophe l

Four Forces of Flight x 2

There are four forces that help an airplane fly. They are lift, thrust, drag, and gravity (weight). Think of a Frisbee flying through the air. The air gives it lift and holds it up.  Throwing it with your arm, gives it thrust.  Drag from the air makes it slow down. The gravity (weight) of the Frisbee brings it back to Earth again. GRAVITY: - Gravity or weight is a pulling force that draws the plane towards the earths center. -A planes weight constantly changes during flight, as the fuel is used. -To keep the plane balanced, the pilot is constantly adjusting the controls. -In flight the plane rotates about the center of gravity. -The center of gravity of an aircraft is the point where the aircraft would balance. LIFT: -Lift is generated by the motion of the plane through the air -Lift is generated by all parts of the plane but mostly by the wings. -Lift is the push that lets the plane move up. -Lift is the force that opposes the weight and holds the plane in the air. -A plan

Fear of Flying

Many people have a natural fear of flying and the weather has a lot to do with it. A little shake from the plane can make you panic, sometimes there is a lot of shaking. You need to understand why it occurs to make you less afraid. There are various conditions that cause a plane to bounce around. Turbulence and bad weather being a major cause. There is always turbulence; it is simply an irregular flow of air that unexpectedly occurs and cannot be seen. The disturbances you feel are a natural phenomena, but they feel very unnatural to passengers 36,000 feet in the air that are stuck in an airplane cabin. Turbulence is no more dangerous than driving on a bumpy dirt road. It may be uncomfortable and it could harm you if you fall while walking around the cabin but, that is the reason the pilot will turn on the fasten seat belt sign. It's for your safety. Turbulence is not a problem for the plane or the pilots. It is not a signal that there is a problem with the aircraft. It can&#