COVID-19 VS. Flying

What was once a daily practice, had suddenly come to a screeching halt.  Transportation by air is the major form, to be able to get from one place to another. It's the fasted mode as well as one of the safest. Everyday 10,000's of people across the world, boarded a plane, sat back and let the pilots and cabin crew take them to their destination. That was before The Corona Virus of 2020.

Within a few days most airplanes were grounded. Parked at the airport, unmoving. Returning flights would be the final trips until a Pandemic subsided and allowed life to go back to normal.
What will happen with the air traffic industry after being crippled by COVID-19? As planes are grounded there is a huge loss for the companies financial reserves and it will be difficult to bounce back.

In order to minimize the fallout, Pilots, all cabin crew, ground crew, radio controllers, and everyone needed in flight are jobless.  Some companies have covered wages, others not. It's a catastrophe littered with casualties.

The longer the planes don't fly, the more money that is sucked out of the company. It's a massive financial hit for companies and crew.

There are some flights that are bringing people home from other countries, but they are far from full. The planes that are still flying domestic flights have been reduced in frequency and are in low demand. Those flights cost the airline money.

What could happen once the planes start flying again? It will be a slow recovery. In order to fly, there are other companies involved that have to recoup their losses. Fuel costs will rise exponentially. Food and catering costs will increase, wages will once again have to be paid, airplane maintenance and probably disinfecting the planes will be required. All those costs will add up, forcing increased ticket prices. Since the majority of the population have been laid off or lost their jobs, there will be fewer people that can afford to fly. That will increase as people start working again.

Once the world starts to return to a normal way of life, so will the travel industry. Slowly, more flights will be added as the demand increases. Those that love aviation can only wait out the storm and look forward to flying again.


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