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So many thoughts

My mind is always full of thoughts that I want to write about. I have stories started, but as soon as I really get into the story another topic pops up. Besides writing another  Cardigan story, I kept thinking of my hamsters. Now I have to try and get all 5 hamsters into 1 story.  That should be interesting because every one of them had their own personalities. A friend of mine decided to start writing a book. She said if I can do it, so can she. I encourage her and everyone else, if you have a story to tell. You never know, you might write a best seller

National Coming Out Day

IT'S time to celebrate the bravery of those who have come out as members of the LGBTQ community, and those who are waiting for the time that's right for them. No matter what your coming out journey is—I stand with you. It is a wonderful thing when the stigma of being LGBTQ is no longer taboo. They have many freedoms that they can enjoy now. They can be open about who they love. I am proud of everyone who can just be who they are!

Published in a magazine

It's out! Last month I was asked to do an interview with a magazine in NW Ontario. It is available from the Manitoba border to Sudbury. I was thrilled to see my book in the October issue of  The Walleye. Here is the article.