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The Mad Bull

 Going to spend a few days in a trailer at my Aunt and Uncles farm was something  I loved as a teen. I'd take one of my friends and have a great time. Usually we did something to cause problems. One afternoon my friend Judy and I noticed the fence to the cow pasture was broken. We didn't want t he cows getting out and  decided to try and fix the fence. We could later brag to my Aunt and Uncle how we saved the cows and fixed the fence. No matter how we tried, we couldn't get the fence up and had to come up with another idea. I had a brilliant thought, we would coax the cows and bull into the barn and tie them up.  We got them all into their stalls, but there was a problem. The bull wasn't happy.  He was restless and causing a ruckas.  Judy went in his stall and was cornered as she tried to secure him to the post. He just kept backing out and snorting. I had another brilliant plan. I was going to go outside the barn door and close it so the bull wouldn't see the light

I'm going to join the Carnival

 I'm sure many of us have made our way to carnivals as teens. Wanting to try every ride with our friends. Eating all the goodies that you only get from the concessions.  Playing all the games to try and win a cheap stuffed animal that you spent way too much on, knowing you could have bought a better one at half the price.  Throwing up from eating too much and going back on the rides, toting the big teddy bear with you. Those were fun times and a great part of childhood. You could always make friends with the carnies and get a free ride or a free stuffie. I became friends with a young girl who was running the tilt-a-whirl. I was 16, she was the same. She left with the carnival because of a bad home situation.  I found out during our conversations that many of the young people at the time were only 16 to 20 years old. Most had the same stories. They said travelling with the carnival from place to place was better than being at home.  They looked after each other, had a place to sleep