The Mad Bull

 Going to spend a few days in a trailer at my Aunt and Uncles farm was something  I loved as a teen. I'd take one of my friends and have a great time. Usually we did something to cause problems.

One afternoon my friend Judy and I noticed the fence to the cow pasture was broken. We didn't want t he cows getting out and  decided to try and fix the fence. We could later brag to my Aunt and Uncle how we saved the cows and fixed the fence.

No matter how we tried, we couldn't get the fence up and had to come up with another idea. I had a brilliant thought, we would coax the cows and bull into the barn and tie them up. 

We got them all into their stalls, but there was a problem. The bull wasn't happy.  He was restless and causing a ruckas.  Judy went in his stall and was cornered as she tried to secure him to the post. He just kept backing out and snorting.

I had another brilliant plan. I was going to go outside the barn door and close it so the bull wouldn't see the light and she could tie him up.  Heck, I wasn't staying in the barn with a mad bull, I could get hurt. I was the brains behind the situation, she was bigger and could be the braver one.

I heard a scuffle and leaned hard against the door incase the bull tried to escape.  I could hear banging on the door, Judy is yelling at me to open it.  I wasn't going to be fooled, no way was I going to give up my post.  Judy continues yelling to open the door. I told her, I knew it was the bull talking and I refused. She is yelling at me, What do you want, my identification.  Only then did I realise it was her, bulls don't talk.  Slowly I open the door and let her out, the bull heading out as well.

I slammed the door again, hitting the bull in the head and had her pushing on the door as well as I came up with another solution.  The plan was, I would go to the gate. Once I was there, she would let go of the door and run as fast as she could to meet me at the fence. No use both of us getting hurt.

Now, both of us were big girls. I yell at her to run! She starts heading towards me, running as fast as she could as she was being chased, by a chicken. Not sure where the chicken came from but she was determined to keep up with Judy.  

Once she reached me, feeling safe, she turned around and saw who she was running from.  She was so mad, you'd think she was the bull.  She may have been mad, but we were safe.

Later when my Aunt and Uncle came back  and checked the  cows and bull in  the barn, they start yelling at us because apparently they wrecked the barn. We tried explaining we were trying to help, but they were like a couple wet hens. Go figure! Last time we were going to help.


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