Elephant Ears and the Cancer Battle

Another entry from my Cancer Battle

Today I figured out the burn and the intense itch is  not just coming from the radiation irritation but also from the Chemo drug I am receiving. This drug, Cisplatin  causes irritation to any skin it touches. They have to hydrate me really well before I get the actual drug and then follow it with a diuretic to flush it out.

I noticed after I start peeing and flushing it out, the clitoris and area swells up. It feels like I am walking with a marble between my legs. I wanted to know what was happening so, I got out the mirror, squatted down so I could see everything and my jaw dropped.

It looks like I have a flashlight bulb peeking out of a red inflamed blob. I look a little further and the area from there to the anus is dark red almost a black looking streak with these little hemorrhoids peeking out mocking me. They still are sore from the laxatives I have to take and try to torment me.

I see the scariest thing, hanging from my vagina are two huge, black, scaley, saggy elephant ears with the rest of the elephant starting to appear behind them. What the heck!!!! I was thinking of the cartoons of the old ladies with their boobs hanging to their knees. I will have elephant ears hanging to my knees!

I went to the shower, doused myself with the Epsom salt filled peri bottle, rinsed off with the shower hose and sat on the toilet. I'm in disbelief of what I just witnessed. I decided to go lie in bed with bare bottom and set the fan towards my crouch and let the elephant ears flap in the breeze. ( I had just read that air drying is best so I went one better). By then I am laughing like a fool. My husband walks in, I'm spread eagle on the bed.

Between the laughter I told him the horror story of what I saw and asked him if he wants to take a peek as well. Of course he does, he looked and said very seriously,  " That will clear up after the treatments are done"
WHAT? You mean the elephant is going to crawl back in there?
So I lay there cooling off and thought about my son and wonder if he wants to see too? So far he declined but got a chuckle out of my story.

So, now I think I should just invite all the people looking for a horror story to just come by, and pay $5.00  and witness this scary site and help fund my trip to Hamilton. Might be a good way to help prevent teen pregnancies. Once you see that, it might keep guys away from seeing that again!
I have no modesty left after having so many people with their hands up my crotch, so let the peep show begin!


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