Old Man and the Enema

I was working at a nursing home for about 4 months and was told to give an elderly man, about 77 years old, an enema.  This was the first time without a Registered Nurse present.  At the time it was the squeeze bottle type with an attached nozzle. I got the man on his side, stuck a pillow between his legs, cleaned him up, lubricated the nozzle, and began to insert the nozzle into the rectum. 

Everything seemed to be going well as I squeezed the pump to release the fluids. Now, I had a habit that when I would squeeze the bottle in and out, my hand would move causing the nozzle to move in and out of his rectum a little, almost like rocking. The guy starts moaning, I ask him if he is okay. He tells me "yes, it feels good." I never thought anything of it and continued. His moaning started getting louder, and he finally lets out a yell. I got scared, I thought I went through his bowel or something. I quickly removed the nozzle, apologizing, and I am in tears. I was sure his bowel was going to start pouring out of him.

I pressed the call button for the RN. She runs in, I am hysterical, I was sure I was in major trouble. Maybe I did something that could kill the guy.  I tell her what happened, the old guy is smiling. She talks to him as I clean up the mess. He turns to me and says, "Thank You." Why would he thank me, I thought.  The RN comes and whispers to me that I gave him an "A" spot orgasm. I never heard of such a thing and I start crying and left the room. I thought for sure it meant I busted something in there. She comes up behind me and explains what that was. I was mortified and just wanted to hide. 
So, I was off for the next two days, reliving the horror of what I had done. I considered quitting.  When I went back to work, word spread what I did for this old man, and I had requests from a bunch of old men asking if I would give them an enema. I became known as the "A" girl.  NEVER would I give a man another enema.

Then, when my Father had cancer he needed enemas. He asked me to do it for him. I said no. There was absolutely no way, I was going to take a chance of giving my Dad an "A" spot orgasm. I had a nurse come in to do it. 


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