Brother Love

I wrote this story when I was in Grade 8. I got an F on it saying it was too unbelievable.  I used the same story for a grade 11 English Class and got an A.  It shows you that you should never be discouraged by others. I quit writing for awhile thinking I couldn't write, only to become a Children's writer.

Brother Love

Tom enjoyed the warmth of the sun's rays beaming down on his plump, rosy cheeks. He walked homeward, arms laden with party stuff for his younger brother's birthday.
Today was a Saturday in mid July. The Thunder bay area was experiencing an extreme heat wave. Not unusual for this time of summer.

"This day should be for fishing like every summer, Saturday was," Tom thought regretfully. 94 F. outside, the sun begging him to enjoy the day. Instead, his fate would be care taking twelve screaming, bratty kids.

When he arrived home, his feet were hurting him from the hot pavement. "If I had gone fishing today, I could have fried the fish right on the road!"  Tom decided to put all of the fishing thoughts  completely out of his mind. Today was his brother's birthday, and as much as he was a pest at times, and just three days ago he'd yelled at him that he would punch his face until he swallowed all of his teeth, he was a good old boy. Sure he squealed on him a bit, and he was a tattle-tale, but then wasn't he when he was six years old?

"Hi, Mom. The store didn't have and chocolate ripple ice cream, so I got just plain chocolate."
"That'll do. Did you get the paper hats?"

"Yeah Mom, I got them too."

"And the game prizes?"

"Yes Mom, I got everything."

"One more thing, Tom."


"Cheer up, will you? Today is John's birthday, he's only six years old. I know you want to go fishing, but think of how he would feel if you weren't there. You know you are kind of special to him. He looks up to you."

"No I'm not! He's always telling on me."

"Have you ever thought he just wants you to notice him?"

"How can I help but notice him!"

"Come on, try to be a friend today."

"Okay Mom, anything you say."

The rest of the morning passed quickly. Tom just hoped the afternoon would pass just as quickly.
The party was scheduled to start at 1:00 P.M. and last until 4:30 P.M. at which time Tom had plans to scram out of the house, and head straight for Brent Park Ball field where a baseball game was going to start at 6:00 P.M.

The party was heading for disaster during the games period. During a hide-and-seek game attempt, one boy got himself locked in a closet. When, he realized he couldn't get out he started screaming at the top of his lungs. It took another piece of cake, bowl of ice cream, two chocolate bars, a balloon and an elephant doll to shut him up.

When the fiasco was over, the children's parents had come to take them home, and Tom was all set to take off to the game.

John yelled, "Tommy, wait a minute!"

'Now what' he thought.

"Thanks for staying for the party. Tom, you are the greatest brother in the whole wide world."

"What?" Tom was startled. He'd expected some nagging or some crying to let him come with him, but never thinking he would give him a compliment.

"Well thank you, John. You're pretty good yourself." They just stood there for a few moments and Tom discovered his kid brother. Tom remembered his Mother's words, "You're kind of special to him."

"Hey, you better get going if you want to get to the game on time, hadn't you."

"Yeah, I guess I better." He started to walk away then stopped and turned around and said, "You wanna come along and watch?"

John looked surprised, "You want me to?"

"Yeah, but you better hurry. Go and tell Mom that you're coming with me."

"What about all of your friends? Won't they laugh at you for letting your little brother tag along?"
"If they do, I guess they're not very good friends right?" He was amazed at his own words.

"I guess so."

"Now hurry up and tell Mom, or we'll be late. Tell her not to come and get us; we'll take the bus home."

Tom and John arrived on time. There were a few snickers, and laughter from his former friends. And once they started picking on John. Tom threatened them with a bleeding nose. John smiled at his brother, and Tom knew for sure, they were friends.

Later that evening as he sat on the swing in the backyard, the moon shining on him he remembered this morning's regret at having to stay at the party but was glad he did.
He had discovered his brother. He had discovered a new friend!


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